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19 January 2012 @ 01:50 am
Playing A Role [chapter 10 - LAST CHAPTER]  
Title : Playing A Role [chapter 10 - LAST CHAPTER]
Author : hanashiaru
Rating : PG
Genre: Romance. Angst-Fluff.
Pairing : YamaJima, YabuNoo
Summary : A secret was revealed in.. a happy family.
Warning: Uhm, since I still put Kazu in this ffic so... MPREG =3=a

A/N : Another story of... my ffics which are including Yamada twins and Kazu-chan

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“Can you two just restart again?”  


Kazu still didn’t even understand why did his parents only stay silent after hearing those words. The little boy might be mature in some certain times, but... no matter what, he was still just a child. There were still so many things that might be difficult to be understood for him, well, at least perhaps a someone adult should be explaining that something difficult to him if the boy really wanted to know as well.

However, Kazu didn’t wanna think about it any further, at least only for this time. Because he was in a very good mood even for now.

“Are you really okay, Mama?” even though the bunch feeling of happiness was still taking his heart, he was still worried a little. “I shouldn’t allow you—“

“It’s okay, Kazu. Come on.” Ryosuke smiled, tightening his grip with the little palm of his son. “It’s been a long time, a very long time, since I can accompany you to school again.”

The boy nodded enthusiastically , he also responded the grip on his hand with a little shake, “I’m very happy!” Almost make a loud scream, he giggled a little before following his mother’s footsteps to walk together.

Things went so much better in the boy’s eyes, really. The mood of the household was so much increasing in a good way, of course, since he never saw his parents talk privately before. Chatting each other, even Kazu still could hear the laughters from them if he was woken up in the middle of night. And being a good boy he was, he totally didn’t know what the topic that usually his parents were talking about, just seeing the happy faces and hearing the voices of them.. it was more than enough. Happy, he was truly really happy. It was not wrong, right? It was his very first time to feel this kind of feeling since he always lose for parents’ meaning in reality, anyway.

And the worst... because he was born unwantedly—in a very specific meaning.

He realized it for a long time already, yes, he understood very well. He was exist because of the sin that his mother’s did to his father afterall. It was... a deviation. He was a very wrong creature, yes, he knew about it. But he never ever let that pathetic fact slip into his mind as he kept ensuring himself that he was exist because there was something he should do in this world.

Like being a strong red string that was binding his parents’ from the sword named separation that could slash it anytime.. perhaps?

“Ah, your father really doesn’t consider about your outfit, what the heck was he thinking about all this time? We’ll go to but your new shoes and the others at weekened, okay?”

Kazu laughed with the sudden words, “Papa’s busy with works, Mama. You know that very well. Haa, look, moreover this shoes still can be used so I haven’t told him about it.”

“But your outfit isn’t nice to be seen, Kazu.”

“Okay!” he grinned widely. “Can we go with Papa?”

Ryosuke turned his head and a smile formed on his face, “That’s why I take weekend, Kazu.”


And yes, this could be included as a happy day.


“I’m a little but surprised for seeing Kazu-chan in hyper mood yesterday. I just don’t believe it that finally you get your family back.” Yabu said, drinking his coffee before curving a smile. “And Ryo-chan... I just.. you know, he looked so much beautiful than ever. Well done, Yuto.”

“We’re having a good time, I guess.” Yuto responded casually, “For accepting everything is the best way, right? It seems like everyone’s happy.”

Yabu raised an eyebrow. “What do you mean?”

“Eh?” Yuto asked back, blinking his eyes in a slight jolt of shockment. “Everyone’s happy.”

“What about you, then? You said that just like you’re the only one who’s not happy.”

Yuto chuckled, “What are you talking about, Yabu-kun? I am happy. For seeing everyone’s smile, I’m happy.”

With that, Yabu just kept silent and continued drinking his coffee again. Well, even though there was something wrong on his mind after hearing those words... not now, let them be, at least just for now.


The last soft stroke on his son’s hair and he pulled his fingers back. Ryosuke smiled a little, staring carefully at the sleeping face on his side. If these things that had happened if just an delusion, he was very glad to live in this beautiful delusion forever. However, the more things he learned, he exactly knew that everything was real. Yuto had forgiven him, Kazu was happy, it was real.

And he was really glad for it.

Ryosuke leaned closer to kiss the little boy’s forehead before he stood up and managed his way to get out from boy’s room.

“Yuto, get a rest. You’re tired.” Ryosuke said as he put his hands on his husband’s shoulder, rubbing them softly. ”Come on, Yabu-kun won’t kick you out from the company, stop doing your works at home and get a rest.”

Yuto just gave a smile as the answer and palmed the hands on his shoulder, “Just a little bit more.”

Ryosuke shrugged his shoulders, “Okay.”

The taller guy pulled Ryosuke’s hand, making his spouse closer. “Your eyes are tired the tired ones, just go to sleep first.” Then Yuto sniffed the guy’s neck before giving Ryosuke a light kiss on the lips. “Good night, Ryosuke.”

Ryosuke couldn’t reply anything but nodding his head by hearing the words with the head that was bowing down in embarrasment. Dang it, if he go blush—what are they, huh? A High School lover? They were almost thirty, for God’s sake. This normal thing never happened after Yuto stop calling him ‘Kyosuke’, after the truth was revealed years ago. And it totally made Ryosuke sink in clumsiness for hearing Yuto say his name when he was doing something... well, husband-wife things?

The shorter guy just slightly shook his head for making the weird things come out from his mind..

Ryosuke got into his room—his and his husband’s room—when Yuto had gone back to concentrate with his works. He closed the door before throwing himself onto the bed and pulled the soft pillow onto his chest. He was rather tired, just like Yuto said, but he didn’t know why his eyes kept opened.

“He’s really my first and my last crush..” he sighed in relief, smiling. “Thank you, Kyo.. we have a real marriage now... even though I still can’t win his heart ..”

A chuckle.

“... to keep playing your role in honest is so much funnier that I thought..”




Yuto clutched his palms.

A heavy sigh which almost the same as a groan escaped from his lips as he massaged his forehead. Turning his head to the side, he gazed at the closed door in front of his eyes. A bunch of regrets and guilty feelings were suddenly felt so much hurt.

“Kyosuke.. I’m sorry..”

Something wet, limply fell down.

“.. to keep hurting him..”

Damn it, he couldn’t control his tears lately.


Years ago, in Kyosuke’s eyes

“Ryo, you’re no fun!”

I could see my older brother groaned in annoyance, stopping his current activity—playing a game soccer in his laptop, I didn’t know what the name was. That was, a horrible way of me to talk. I, myself, didn’t believe I could talk and pout childishly like this. I never liked this side of me, however... you know, I was still playing my role as an innocent yet easy-going boy.

“You should hang out, Ryo. It’s been three days of summer holiday and you’re still here, having a date with your damn games.”

It was exactly my brother’s line when we were child years ago, an exceptation for the game part.

“Takaki-kun and Keito have invited me to hang out, okay? Don’t worry, I’m not an introvert just like you were.” he rolled his eyes, and I didn’t feel hurt by the words anyway. It was the truth. “Don’t bother to go without me. Geez, even you’ll hang out with Yuto-kun anyway! Are you planning to make me see your lovey-dovey, huh?”

“Eh? I don’t know that you’ve appoinment already. Sorry, Ryo.”

Ryosuke sighed.

“Don’t be so cold~ you have a cute face and it doesn’t suit you~”

“Heh, what? Are you trying to say that you have a cute face?”


I laughed, but I feel disgusted for myself for behaving like this.

“You change lately, Ryo. Bad aura, bad mood. Aah, are you in puberty? Could it be...” I rolled my eyes, making a gesture to think. “... you’re having a love problem!” Random thing, seriously.

“WHAT?!” he yelled out loud, spontaneously, with his expression that was so damn funny. And his face line was enough for showing the fact that... hn, he was really in love?

It totally made me laugh again, honestly for this time. “Takaki-kun, huh? I think he’s chasing you.” It was true, Takaki Yuya liked my brother—everyone knew about it already.

“Wh—what are you talking about?! Don’t make a worst joke!”

“He’s handsome and so kind, isn’t he? Why don’t you accept him? Rumors are spreading that you refused his cofession, is that true?”

Ryosuke closed his eyes, groaning uncomfortably, “Mou.. stop it, Kyo.”

“You two can make a very great couple!”


A pillow was thrown successfully onto my face.

I kept laughing and hugged the pillow with my face was covered with it almost fully—but my eyes were still could see him. I went silent when suddenly I saw his face was really full of annoyance and somewhat... agony? What was happening to him?


He turned his head to the window, “Yuto-kun has came. Go to your date and get out of my room already!”

I hadn’t my time to reply his words because he already pushed my back and brought me out of his room in a second.

“Have fun!”


The door was closed. Err, it was rather scary. Did he really get mad at me?

“Ryo!” I said, half-screaming. “I don’t know what I’ve done, but I’m sorry if that was disturbing you!”

Three seconds of silence.

“Go away, you idiot!”

I giggled hearing that tone. “I love you, Ryo!”

“And I hate you too!”

“Thank you~”

We were twins, but really, I wanted to know what was on his mind. Twins’ hearts were definately connected, people always said that kind of things. But damn it, I never experienced it. We were just having the same face, an identical one. That was the only thing we shared, I think.

My hand was lifted up to open the door, and quickly found Yuto who was leaning his back against the wall of my front garden house.

“What took you so long?” he asked, a little bit worried.

I curved a smile for calming him, “Just having a little chat with my brother. Sorry.”

“Chat?” he asked back. “Ryosuke seems like having a very bad mood lately. Am I right? What’s happening with him?”


“Eh? Finally? Takaki-kun, deshou? They’re going out already? When was that?”

I chuckled, this guy had taken so many questions already. “He didn’t answer me. I was thrown by a pillow in the end, hah. But, Yuto, you should see how precious his face are when he’s blushing! God, it’s sooo funny, and cutest scene ever! Err, I’m not trying to say that I’m cute, anyway, the way we’re clumsy in love is different.”

Yuto smiled as a response. “I can’t imagine that.”

“What? Why?”

“Because I can’t read his mind, Kyosuke. He’s mysterious, sometimes.”

I nodded quickly, totally agree with the statement. “Sometimes he’s not that mysterious too though. But, yeah, almost all the time he was hard to be read. Wow, my brother is so complicated.”

“He’s interesting, actually.” He said, taking my hand and lead me to walk. “However, I’m just afraid can’t make him comfortable. I’ve felt it since a year ago when we’ve became classmate. Perhaps you feel it already, Kyo. You don’t know what’s on his mind, sometimes we can’t fulfill his desire or even we might hurt him. Even though he’s not happy, he will say he’s happy... vice versa.. something like that. Everything that full of pretending is rather difficult.”

“I understand. I know how does it feel.. since I’m also still pretending not to be myself, sometimes. You’re right, I never knew about him... ah, I feel bad.”

He raised his hand up and took a hold on my shoulder, pulling me closer onto his warmth, “It’s not your fault.”

“But, Yuto. Ryo always makes me happy, always taking care of me all this time. However, I’ve just realized that I never made him smile. Seventeen years we’ve been living together and what have I done to him? Zero. Gosh..”

He chuckled a bit, “You’re kinda brother-compex, aren’t you?”

“I’m not.”


“I just love my brother.”

He didn’t give a response, just a small smile that I love as the answer.

“He’s really interesting just like you said, Yuto.”


And I turned my head to face him, “Do you think you’d fall in love with him if only you met him first?”

“Hm. Maybe.”

“That’s not funny.”

“Hahaha.. seriously, Kyosuke.. I was joking.” That skinny guy laughed hardly, he pushed my body softly and making me face him. The long fingers of him traced my skin, slowly and softly. “You talk too much about him whenever you’re near me, can’t you just feel proud of yourself even just for a bit? You’re always keep yourself under your brother’s shadow, Kyosuke.”

He was right.

“Besides...” he spoke up again with the tone which was making me stare at him, waiting for the next words. “... I can really like him if you keep exciting about him in front of me.”

“Aaa, Yuto!”

The laugh turned into a soft one. “That’s why be proud of yourself, because you’re not him. You’re dilligent, you’re clever, and you’ve an ability to lead an organization. You’re intellegence, Kyosuke. You and your brother are having differences ability that should be proud of. Be proud of yourself just the way you’re proud of your brother.”

This.. I loved him because of this. He was the person who could lead me, who could repair my broken mind.

“Well, truth be told, Yuto... I’m wondering why did you choose me instead of him? I mean—“

“He’s happy with his life already.” He cut my words off. “That’s what I think when the first time you introduced him to me. He’s so honest, his smile is really purely warming. May be he does tell lies, but he never do that for benefits. But, see, you’re the antagonist one here. For pretending not to be yourself, afraid of loosing friends. You just like a bird that lose your wings, you lose your bravery of yourself... that makes me wanna embrace you.”

So, I was the one who pathetic here. “You have a worst type of lover.” But really, it kinda funny.

“You can say that.” he chuckled, and my laughter joined his’ immediately.

Hah. You could say that I was insane for laughing my own sorrow.

“Plus, Yuto. You can read your mind.”

“That’s also the one of reasons. I think I can make you happy, your face is readable to me.”

“So, you choose me because—“

“Because I wanna make you happy.”

I went silent for a while. “That means you didn’t choose my brother, because you don’t wanna make my brother sad by never understanding what’s on his mind.”

And I swore, there was a long gap of silence at that time.

“Liking him is not hard, have we admitted it that he’s interesting?” and he finally said sentence with... somewhat, I felt a little bit of.. jealous. But I didn’t say anything, I knew... he was trying to be gentleman, not avoiding the truth. “However, being together with you for a year already.. it makes me love you more without any reasons. I love you, Kyosuke, just because I love you. Not anymore with the desire to protect you or make you happy, I just.. love you. That’s all.”

“I understand.” I finally smiled.

And with that, I promised to myself to lessen talking about my brother again whenever I was near him. I tried to make me proud of myself, just like he said.

‘Liking him is not hard...’

However, those words just kept ringing on my ears. That was a prove that Ryosuke could be liked by everyone, even by my Yuto.

Jealous? Hell...

.. I felt it was very normal for thinking everyone could like my brother. What was wrong with me? And I felt I needed to be brought to the psychiatrist because I thought my sense of jealousely was already broken.

“Don’t think too much, Kyosuke.” the gentle smile that I love—no, that I really love. “Because I will always love you.. no matter what.”


Current Time, Normal PoV


The called man jerked around uncomfortably. His eyes were blinking for couple times before groaning lightly when the lamp of the room was suddenly turned being on.


Seeing his spouse who was already walking around the room, he finally managed himself to raise his body and sit on the bed. He yawned once again before rubbing his eyes and weakly said, “What’s wrong?”

“Kou! Where’s your cellphone? It keeps ringing and it seems like your cellphone would be ringing forever if we didn’t pick it up!”

Ah, he also just realized that his cellphone ringtone was ringing like mad. “I forgot to get it out from my jacket. There, on the desk.”

The beautiful man sighed in annoyance when he saw Kouta had already sprawled himself on the bed a second after answering the question. Then Kei grabbed the mentioned jakcet, taking the cellphone out.

“It’s from Yuto and Ryo-chan’s house number—“

“Pick it up!”

It didn’t need for waiting his husband to wake up again with the widened eyes, Kei knew already that he should pick the call up. However, even before Kei was about to say a word, the voice on the line had already spoken up first.

“Kei auntie..”

“Kazu-chan? Oh God, what’s happening? Why are you calling so this late? Are your parents okay? Kazu-chan? Kaz—“

“They’re fine..”

Kei ignored the confused and worried face of Kouta, concentrating himself to the boy who was calling. “Then, what’s wrong, Kazu-chan?” if only he was there, he swore he would pat and embraced the boy tightly.

“J-just.. having a dream..” the boy stutered a little. “... need to talk to someone.. but I’m afraid to go to their room..”

“Why, Kazu-chan? It’s normal to go to your parents’ room when you have a nightmare—“

“It can’t be called a nightmare, Kei auntie. That was.. just..”

Kei’s brows furrowed, “Slower, Kazu-chan. It’s okay. You can talk to me.”


“Kei?” Kouta asked worriedly, so much worried.

His spouse suddenly turned his head to him, then walking slowly and gave the cellphone to him. “I think you’re the one who can manage this, Kou. He said he’s having a dream, and it seems like it has affected him so much.”

Kouta didn’t really understand with the words, however he still accepted the call. “Kazu-chan?”

“Kouta ji-san..”

“You can tell me what’s on your mind, anything. Come on, Kazu, be a great boy who can express anything in words.”

“Well..” that was rather clear that the boy a little bit doubt himself to talk. “.. Kouta ji-san.. a year ago, we ever discussed.. that Papa has moved on.. he kindly treated Mama and.. he was really nice to Mama. Even now... they’re so close.. and.. often smile together.. but.. I’ve just dreamt... something..”

It was bad, he knew the boy was about to cry. And he wasn’t there psychally, he couldn’t do anything but saying some words to comfort the boy.


“.. I’m confused.. so much.. with the dream.. Kouta ji-san..”

“That’s just a dream, Kazu-chan. Don’t cry, don’t let the dream affects you—“

“Everything that’s related to Kyosuke-san isn’t just my imagination, Kouta ji-san!” And now, the boy was really crying. “Papa.. perhaps.. still love Kyosuke-san, and I feel Mama also already knows but..” he stopped talking for awhile to restrain the tears, making Kouta closed his eyes trying to get rid the mess on his thought and feel bad because he was not there to comfort the boy directly. “... does Papa’s attention that has been given to Mama is not the thing we call love, Kouta ji-san? It.. it’s.. I don’t know what I should do..”

Kouta still remained silent, letting the boy say everything.

“.. I don’t blame Papa to keep loving Kyosuke-san.. there’s no reason for me to hate it because.. the feeling can’t be controlled, I think..” A weak gasp. “.. but Mama.. why does he keep accepting Papa’s behavior? The worst is.. he’s happy with that even though.. he already knows it, Kouta ji-san! What’s happening to Mama..”

“Listen, Kazu-chan. But for now, please don’t cry, Kazu-chan. We can think about it together.”

A faint sniff from the boy, “But.. the ones who can fix it.. only theirselves, Kouta ji-san..”

The sound of sniff and restrained the cry kept thrusting his ear which it also thrusted his heart, making it rather flicked in a light uncomfortable feeling.

And damn it, Kouta didn’t know how to respond it.


The boy sighed heavily when he peeked out the scenery of living room whereas his father was. It was not good, he was so much afraid if his dream and his thought were really connected.

”You know, I think, the thing that they should do is to communicate, talk each other.”

Kazu closed his eyes for some seconds as Kouta’s words rang in his ears, nodding his head for ensuring himself before walking to the special door that was connecting his room and their parents’ room. He gulped, noticing his mother apparently still had his eyes opened.


The boy’s shoulders jumped suddenly, losing for words. “Y-yes..”

“Can’t sleep?” he asked worriedly, giving his hand to be reached by the boy. “Come here.”

Kazu obediently stepped forward, grabbing his mother’s hand and placed himself on his mother’s lap while hugging his mother’s right arm.

“Wanna sleep together tonight?” his mother asked.

“N-no! I’m nine already!” the boy quickly replied, half-screaming and it made his mother chuckle. Kazu sighed, it was not the time to play afterall. “Mama... Papa’s still there.”

“He’s still working.”

Kazu twitched his lips, “Ung, but... it seems like he’s crying..”

No response, Kazu’s heart suddenly felt worried.

“Mama.. I.. I think.. you should come to Papa...”




“I know you must be feeling bad.”

Yuto gasped, feeling a little shock. But somehow he could calm in a second when a pair of arms encircled his neck from behind and he could feel a slight kiss on his hair.


“I’m a bit worried you didn’t come to bedroom. Thirty minutes after midnight has passed.” Ryosuke could see Yuto’s lips were twitching almost wanted to say something, but Ryosuke knew that his huband was hestitating. “Don’t be like this, you want me to smile, so I also want you to smile.” And Ryosuke leaned closer to the guy’s left side, pecking Yuto’s cheek and formed a smile, “You can call me Kyosuke if you want.”

“Ryosuke, stop it.”

“You were just crying, weren’t you?” Ryosuke pulled himself back, walking some steps and managed to take a seat beside him. “You’ve been so weak lately..”

Yuto grabbed a hold of Ryosuke’s hand, pulling the smaller guy closer into his tight hug.

“Don’t force your heart too much... it hurts, right?” Ryosuke’s hand rubbed the other guy’s back slowly and lovingly as he felt Yuto’s head was buried into his upper shoulder. “Yuto..”

“I’m not getting hurt.” The dry voice of Yuto was muffled between the soft shoulder. “And you’re not a replacement for me. Kyosuke has gone and... I’m not that bastard, Ryosuke.”

“Don’t say those words if your heart said its opposite. I love you so much and it’s fine to see you’re happy even though—“

A kiss from the guy suddenly cut his words, Ryosuke closed his eyes and accepting the heat of the kiss. It was not felt soft just like yesterday, and Ryosuke clearly knew that his husband was not in the good state. This was the first time for them to talk about this thing—about their feelings. Because the past nights were just spent with the rambling talks and they always avoided to talk about this topic, only Yuto’s touchs that was showed to show those affections and Ryosuke was only silently but gladly accepted it.

“What do you want, Yuto? What should I do to make you happy? I will do anything—”

“Stop being so much pathetic, you’re just reminding me of him!” Yuto unconsciously shouted, he hoped his child had slept already for not hearing. “I thought you two are different, but exactly you’re really the same now. It.. It just.. rather hurts time by time.”

Ryosuke’s eyes glittered in confusion.

“You two are jealous of each other.. you two are trying to be each other, I’m sorry but I found out this is ridiculous..” Yuto’s dry laughter was heard a second later. “.. please, Ryosuke.. I’m not that worth to receive your kindness. Don’t say anything that weakened yourself. Angry to me if you need, just say that you hate it everytime you found out I’m still trapped on your brother’s past..”

“Yuto.. I—“

“Ryosuke’s strong, I know that. I love your pure smile, I love your honest side... but I also love your shouts and pouts. I don’t want you to be like this. Please. You’ve changed so much, somehow you’ve changed completely into your brother...”

The smaller bowed his head down, “I thought you’d be happy..”

Yuto’s thumb brushed the pale cheek slowly, “No, Ryosuke. That just makes me being the worst.”

“T-that’s why.. I asked you.. what should I do.. to make you hap—“

“Being here with you is enough.” Yuto captured the plum lips again, rather quickly for this time, and reached out to kiss his forehead. “Just stop playing the role that doesn’t suit you. I’m really happy to see that.”

Ryosuke didn’t say any words to be the reply, he just made his amrs to encircle his husband shoulders, silently almost crying there. “I’m sorry..” and the hug tightened. “I’m sorry.. I didn’t intend to make you feel bad.. I don’t know this will make you—“

“Don’t often think about the others’ feeling, please. You also deserve to be happy. Please, Ryosuke.”

The smaller guy brushed his cheek against Yuto’s chest, closing his eyes in relief, “You’re too kind just like the old Yuto-kun.”

“I ever hurt you though.”

“Just because you were mad, and that was my fault.. that’s normal, you’re still human afterall.”


Somehow, they felt it was just... too comfortable.

“Then why were you crying?” Ryosuke pushed himself backward, head tilted to the side and that was a little of confusuon on the eyes’ gleam.

“Because.. I was still hurting you, to see you pretend like your brother and I wanna see your original side since I love you in—”

“W-what?” Ryosuke’s eyes widened. “I thought you felt bad because you were hurting me in can’t... love me back..”

“I do love you. I love you.”


“I thought you’ve understood already since I kissed you and gave so much affections to you. But I think you’re still afraid to fulfill Kazu’s request.. I thought you’re still not ready to restart again.”

“I think you were imagining Kyo when you... did that.” Ryosuke pouted. “And about his request, I think you’re the one who’s not ready..” Ryosuke rolled his eyes and sighed, “Aaah, apparently Yuto-kun is still so stupid! Why didn’t you tell me about this and let it turn into an misunderstanding!”

Yuto chuckled, “You’re the stupid one, you never asked.”


“Fine, I’m stupid.” Yuto pecked his nose playfully. “I still love your brother though, no matter what. I’ve promised him—“ Yuto saw Ryosuke’s eyes suddenly were striked by the full of sorrow, and Yuto almost thought he himself was a mashostic because he thought it was.. kinda cute. “—let me finish my words, Ryosuke. With the things had happened, I begin to love you without any reasons. You know, I see you’re strong to receive my harshment, I see the way you loved our son, I loved you for a long time already. However those are not my reason to love you, I always love people without any reasons. Like the way I love my parents, I love Kazu, I love your brother, and even I love you—all, without any reasons.”

Ryosuke blinked his eyes.

“I love you. But I also still love your brother, not in the same way. He was my past, no matter what. I can’t measure the comparison for you two, but it’s totally not the same. Do you believe me?”

Ryosuke nodded his head. His hand rubbed his eyes those were already burning so much. “I’m happy, thank you..”

“Don’t cry..”

“I’m happy! Don’t even dare to stop my happiness!” the other hand was also lifted up, completely covering his watery eyes. “Don’t look at my face, it’s embarrassing.”

A small smile was formed on the guy’s lips as Yuto made his way up to Ryosuke’s face, sweeping his palms and wrapped them gently. The skin was so soft as usual, flawless. His long fingers brushed against the skin, and the smaller guy cheeks flushed a shade of warm pink. He was about to give his spouse a last kiss before wanting to end this day with a sleep, but suddenly the faint whisper was heard.

“I think I waste my tears, Kouta ji-san...”

Yuto’s brow was raised, and obliviously Ryosuke also did the same thing. Their heads were slowly turning to the closed door of his son, gazing it intently.

“It’s just an misunderstanding, apparently. I think my dream was just ordering me to let them talk, just like you said. They love each other, Kouta ji-san!” A faint giggle for this time. “You know, they even kissed! How many times for this night—“ a hand was raised up and make a count gesture “—err, I forget how many times it happened... aah, I’m sooo happy.”

Ryosuke’s lips opened making an ‘O’ shape.

“Now? I don’t know, it’s dark already and the lamp light isn’t that good.” A pause. “But I think... I won’t be surprised if they told me that I’ll have a brother tomorrow..”

Both of the adults’ eyes suddenly widened in a shock.

“.. eh? How do I know..? About the brother thing? You were the one who told that thing to me, Kouta ji~ why so startle..”

“Kazu! Sleep now!” Yuto’s voice was almost breaking Ryosuke’s ears that was right in front of him, and he didn’t know the reaction of his son when hearing that. He didn’t even wanna know.

“A—a.. I’m going to bed now.. sorry for the noise, Papa!”

Yuto didn’t answer. Meanwhile Ryosuke just giggled realizing Yuto’s head had already bowed down, and this time.. Ryosuke couldn’t hold his laughter for knowing his husband’s cheeks had already covered in a pink shade.

“You’re cute..”

“What?! Don’t ever say that word to me!” Yuto glared in embarrassment. “That kid.. I will kill Yabu-kun for sure..”

Ryosuke curled his lips. “Don’t take that too seriously, Yuto-kun.”

“B—but, Papa!” A sudden voice was heard, followed by a crack of the door that was being opened. Ryosuke and Yuto looked towards the voice, and there their son was, standing and looking at them with a hestitate look and an almost quivered lips. “I’m sorry for not going to bed now, but... I just wanna ask. So... can you two restart again?”

Ryosuke tilted his head, meanwhile Yuto shifted his position.

“Isn’t it obvious? Even if we can make a re-wedding if you want.” Yuto said, making Ryosuke fell into shockment and spontaneously punched Yuto’s shoulder lightly—even though Yuto didn’t respond the punch, because he was still looking at his son. A sweet smile soon was painted on Yuto’s face as he opened his arms widely. “Come here, Kazu. For tonight, we can spend the night together talking about anything.”

The boy’s round eyes were getting bigger, it was just a matter of second for seeing the boy excitedly grinned and bounced in amusement. Jumping happily into his father’s lap as if he was jumping into a perfect life.

Well, it was a beginning of a perfect life indeed.

“Let’s prepare and talk about Papa and Mama's re-wedding, then! Count me in!”


No more. My mind is block, totally. I didn’t know how to end it, and my mind was in confusion when I just wanted put ‘I love you’ from Yuto to Ryo-chan to this last chapter. It was rather hard =w=a
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