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29 August 2011 @ 12:32 pm

November 2009, I don't remember the spesific date, but on December 2009 I finally claimed myself as a fangirl of Hey! Say! JUMP. And Feburary 2010, I made my Livejournal to make my fangirl world became alive. 

Got the point? Yes, you can say that I'm a newbie in JUMP fandom, and I'm also a newbie in Japanesse fandom. So I'm sorry if this post will hurt my senpais or else. Because once again, I'm just a newbie.

Fandom is hurting me. Sometimes, that kind of thing always appears of my life. I've JUMP fandom too, and yes, I ever felt hurt before because of this fandom. So.. may I open my agony one by one?

1. Ryuu is suspended! What do you think, Johnny?! Everyone always make a mistake, right?! Please bring Ryuu back!

I know you're hurt, I'm also hurt. I know you should be thinking that Ryutaro is, sure, wrong--but for suspending him... it is just too much. Right? I know you'll lost feel for JUMP, especially for those who put Ryutaro as their ichiban. Maybe some of you also doesn't wanna download some magazines scanlation because Ryuu isn't there anymore. 

The worst is..

.. you go on hiatus because of this case.

I don't really like it. It feels horrible whenever I see you're flailing over another fandom and then you said 'I can't take it anymore, it feels empty without Ryuu'. It doesn't like I forbid you to not liking another fandom, but it's just... hurt, at least for me. 

GOD'S SAKE, YOU'RE NOT THE ONLY ONE WHO GET HURT. I'M HURT. THE REST MEMBERS OF JUMP ARE HURT ALSO. And you go on hiatus when JUMP members feel down? Thank you so much, you hurt JUMP, you also hurt me. You're just egoist, sorry for saying that. You're just there when JUMP is in a good state, but when JUMP is down.. where are you? You left them, you go in hiatus. And you'll be a fan of JUMP again when Ryuu already back in JUMP. HECK. Then you will be back again when JUMP in the good state. 

Are you calling yourself as a fan?

2. I'm not a fan of JUMP. I just like this pairing. Sorry.

Sorry? I forgive you. 

But my heart will forever be hurt, but yeah, I forgive you. You're not a fan of JUMP, yet you just like some pairing in it. It means you don't like the music, dance, song, skill, acting, etc etc etc of JUMP. You just like the PEOPLE, at least two people for a pairing. No more. I forgive you, I know people are different. But once again, I'm hurt.

Because I like JUMP. I like the people, I like their quality. I like whatever they do. The music, dance, song, everything. I love them.

And you don't like it.It just feels like there's a boy who confesses to me and he said 'Hey, girl. I like your face. Oh, I just like your face! Sorry! No offense. People are different, right?'  

I know what you feel. I also ever feel the same way, that's why I can forgive you. I feel the same when I watched Code Geass and Kuroshitsuji anime. I just like SuzaLulu in Code Geass, and SebaCiel in Kuroshitsuji. But I don't really like the anime, I just like the characters. And because of that, I feel horrible. Gladly, I can learn to liking those mentioned anime little by little. I tried hard to appreciate every work of the mangaka. Because if I were the mangaka, it will be hurt if the fans just like the characters yet they feel nonsense for the storyline.

I'm hurt because you just ship the pairing of JUMP, but I forgive you.

3.  Bashing another pairing.

This is soo classic. For shounen-ai lovers, I mean.

'YamaJima is real! YamaChii is soooo delusional!'

'Oh geez, YamaJima is not cute anymore! They're dead. YamaChii forever!'

'How much I don't like YabuHikka! YabuNoo is the cutest!'

Etc etc etc. 

People are different, once again. I know you like a pairing and somehow you can't like another pairing. BUT PLEASE, CAN'T YOU JUST STAY SILENT? People will get hurt with your words. Fans is the reason why we hate a pairing, why we like a pairing. But mainly, fans is the reason why we hate a pairing.

'I hate that pairing because the fans are horrible! They're over-biased and the bash my favorite pairing!'

Sometimes, that happened to me. But I'm trying hard not to hate another pairing. Because of what? Because, once again, I'm trying to respect the other fans' favourite pairing. Not all the fans are horrible, there are still so many good fans over there. Moreover, whatever the pairing it is, they're still JUMP. 

Once lesson, try not to bash a pairing if your favourite pairing doesn't wanna be bashed.

4. I just like .... from JUMP, I don't like the rest member.

'I don't' like' 

Dang it. 

It's really over-biased. I'm so much hating it. You just like some members of JUMP, and you DON'T LIKE the rest. It's okay if you just say 'I don't really like', but you said I DON'T LIKE. It's just hurt for me because JUMP members are having their own ability. ALL of them, they're talented. And by saying I DON'T LIKE it's just... I even can't say anything about this.

This last thing is the horrible thing, for me. 


That's my agony.

That's all, thank you =_="
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rikotan: ryutarore_riko on August 29th, 2011 06:17 am (UTC)
/pats you/

Don't worry, I almost went on a hiatus because of the fans.
That was a day before Ryutaro's case, and because of Ryutaro, I didn't go on a hiatus or leave the fandom.

Woooo~ I'm not that old a fan too. /knew about them in around July 2008 , but left and came back again in May/June 2009 *w*/

Don't be too affected by the others alright? You have us!