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09 August 2011 @ 11:07 pm
Happy Birthday, Yuto-kun!  
お誕生日おめでとう, 中島裕翔!

Yuto Nakajima. For me, that's really a beautiful name. Perfect. And the owner's name also, he's perfect in my eyes. This little boy was catching my attention when he luckily played a small role named Kiritani Koji. That cute little face, the hoarse sexy voice... my attention was totally pulled on your small role and I never ever forgot the day. Then, because of the small role of yours... I quickly knew you. Nakajima Yuto, apparently a member of Hey! Say! JUMP
Being ichiban means also for being number one in my heart, and you’ve made it, Nakajima Yuto. All of my life, I never found an entertainment who has a kind of smile like you. Yes, I love your smile the most. It shows me a kind heart of yours. Your smile is so pure, it looks like everytime you’re smiling it comes from your heart. The kindness, the cool appareance, everything about you is just too perfect for me.
So, Yuto-kun. You’re 18 now. There’s already no the best Jr anymore, there’s already no your chubby cheeks, there’s already no the only one shining Nakajima Yuto of J.J. Express. There’s only Nakajima Yuto the member of Hey! Say! JUMP, there’s only the cool Nakajima Yuto and his drum, and so on. The time sure is moving so fast, especially whenever I see your heigt -.- But the one who doesn’t change is.. still... your kind smile and your kind-hearted. And I love your for it.
I’m still here, I’m still loving you! xP
A wish for you is the same. I just want the best for you, the very best for your life. Because what I’m hoping, it’ll get worse if it’s not the best for you in God’s eyes. Ne?

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ENTERTAINING ME, YUTO-KUN! I don’t know what will my life be without you :’)